Business Services

Our Business team is ready to help with your business startup needs, including:

  • Incorporation
  • LLC’s
  • Legal Letters

Our $99.99 Incorporation and LLC Packages include drafting and filing all of your incorporation and LLC documents with your appropriate local agency to convert your business into a Corporation or LLC today.    


$99.99 Incorporation Service

With our $99.99 Incorporation Service Package, you will receive a 30 minute consultation with an experienced paralegal to complete the necessary documents for filing.  Your documents will be reviewed by one of our business attorneys, and then submitted for filing with your local agency.  Protect your business and your personal assets from liability, and incorporate your business today. 



$99.99 LLC Service

With our $99.99 LLC Service Package, we can help get your business started the right way.  Receive a 30 minute consultation with an experienced paralegal to prepare your documents for filing.  We will then file your documents for you.  Convert your business into an LLC and protect yourself from personal liability.



$99.99 Legal Letter Service

From cease and desist letters, to proposals for settlement or negotiation, our attorneys will represent you on a limited basis to give you the power and prestige of a professional attorney letterhead and knowledgeable representation and advice, all at a vastly reduced one time cost, compared to other attorneys and law firms.  Schedule a free consultation, and when you're ready, click 'Buy It Now' below to get your job done.